Impactful & Powerful Voices





Brad Grey, head of Paramount, for green-lighting Selma


Oprah Winfrey, Ava Duverney, and everyone attached to Selma


Trevor Noah, the South African Comedienne, for his edgy comedy that makes us laugh at our selves and our, unfortunate, closed-minded and racist ways!


Jon Stewart of the Daily Show for picking Trevor Noah and addressing the unfair way the media has treated the Boko Haram Nigerian massacre


Bill Maher, for being crazy as hell, for saying whatever he wants to say, and for really caring about social change. For entertaining me on Friday nights.


Every Teacher who does their job with excellence and love.  Love, love, love your students.  You are educating and protecting our future!  Thank You.


Barack Obama, for instituting Universal Health Care!  For being the First African American President!

Bishop ULmer    TD Jakes

My spiritual guides:  Dr. Bishop Ulmer and TD Jakes, respectively.

These two can Preach and so can Pastor Toure Roberts below!


Toure Roberts

Toure Roberts for inspiring the next generation to love God and Jesus!


Joyce Meyer for reminding us that our bucket lists should contain what we will do to help others and what we will do to make this world a better place.


All the Exceptional Young Adults with Disabilities. We can’t wait to celebrate you in May, 2015!

Support us.


Meme Kelly because all of her students she’s blessed to teach think that she can sing and love her voice:).

For continuing to carry on during difficult times. For loving even when her heart was broken! For always laughing!  For caring.






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