sister_to_sister_1Current Programs:  Email

1)  Free sponsorship and tickets to special inspiring events for at-risk youth, women facing challenges and the disabled.

2) SHOUT (Success, Have Hope, Overcome, Use Your Power and Take Charge) seminars for women’s groups, homeless women, at-risk youth, women living in shelters, single mothers and more.  SHOUT is offered to corporations to raise funds for Indelible Impact Programs. SHOUT Seminars have been held at:

Washington Prep High School

Community Build

A New Way of Life Shelter

Union Rescue Mission, Women and Families Ministry

Windsor Hills Elementary

Los Angeles County Juvenile Detention Services

Ventura County Emergency Personnel

Private Retreats

4) Phone and Letter Writing Campaign to encourage private businesses and government agencies to increase mainstream activities for the disabled.

5) Clothes and personal item drive, donating goods to local shelters.

    Past Programs

1) Job Fair for disabled Youth held at The Help Group;

2) We Are Great Too Newsletter, increasing awareness of the greatness of the disabled workforce and the challenges that they face;


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