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Amazing 2015 Exceptional Adults with Disabilities Celebration Gala!

In May, we will be so excited to Host

The 2015 2nd Annual Exceptional Adults with Disabilities Celebration Gala

Enjoy the pictures from the 2014 event below


You Are Perfect Just as You Are



Your Disability



Exceptional Adults with Disabilities

See the pictures belowCelebrateYoungADultswithDisabilitiesA Warm Afternoon Under the Sun with Wonderful People,

Great Music, Dancing, and Delicious food

Join us in 2015!


Definition of Indelible


a: that cannot be removed, washed away, or erased

b: making marks that cannot easily be removed <an indelible pencil>
a: lasting <indelible memories>

Indelible Impact provides special gifts and offers Free special events to women facing challenges, to at-risk youth, and to disAbled young adults that leave lasting and unforgettable marks of Hope and Inspiration on their hearts.

Purpose in Simple Ways

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication

with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Philippians 4:6 (NASB)

Purpose, Peace & Prosperity

(In simple ways)

We can have Purpose, Peace and Prosperity in simple ways.  I invite you to meditate on the things you enjoy in your core, formulate a PPP plan, and continue to repeat the prayer above with me. so that, together, we can have:

PURPOSE:  When I exited the freeway yesterday on my way to a meeting, there was an African-American woman eight months pregnant (so said the sign she held) standing on the freeway off ramp.  She looked like she was ready to have the baby any day now.  Her husband had a sign that said that they were temporarily homeless and out of work; they were asking for money.  Being a mother of three sons, I can’t imagine being pregnant and experiencing such desperate conditions. These are in-human, third world country circumstances and conditions. In spite of what some think, I don’t believe anyone wants to beg for food on a freeway on-ramp and have no place to lay their head.

I was almost late for the meeting, had left the house rushed, and did not have cash to give them. But I rolled down my window and reached my hand out to the woman and told her that in the name of Jesus, I was declaring that she would be provided for and protected.  I really prayed this in my heart and told her that I would continue to pray for her, the baby, and her husband.  Such an existence is unimaginable to me.  She responded with an incredible peaceful smile and thanked me. Our eyes locked, and I knew there was a heart-to-heart connection between us.   I could tell that she had received the prayer.

Today I’m sharing a couple of organizations in Los Angeles that I think really do a great job of supporting the homeless: and  If you’re able, give to these organizations during the holidays. Or volunteer or give to an organization of your choice that helps the homeless.  It’s really cold right now and the homeless need our support.  In a simple way, I’m fulfilling my purpose of being supportive of the least of us.

You can also donate to  Last year we donated to a New Way of Life, a wonderful organization where I’ve shared the SHOUT with residents, and to a several struggling families.  We will donate to a shelter again this year.

If you are receiving notice of this post on twitter, it’s because my new social media partner, my 28 year old Autistic son, is tweeting it out.  He has been helping me with, from taking our sponsorship packages to area businesses to tweeting so that I can do other tasks.  Doing these task has made him feel terrific.  Recently he’s been in a slump:  Depressed and not feeling good about his future, but helping in this way has unleashed joy in his heart. RK + MK tweeting inspiration and love!

Please tweet us back.  One of the goals of the Indelible impact program is to provide mainstream inspiring activities to young adults with disabilities. On a small scale, I’m fulfilling that purpose with my son and by asking you to help disabled people become employed by sending these links to your employer, friends, and family:  and

There you will find all sorts of resources and ideas about employing young adults with disabilities

PEACE:  Comes from knowing that we’re listening to God and doing everything in our power in every moment to realize the dream that he has for our lives.  For me it’s to be creative (writing this post is a creative act), to serve the least among us (praying for the homeless, serving in Indelible Impact), and to be abundant.

PROSPERITY: Is defined as 1. the state of being prosperous. “a long period of prosperity”

Synonyms:  success,   profitability, affluence,   wealth,   opulence,   luxury,   the good life, milk and honey, (good) fortune, ease,   plenty,   comfort,   security,   well-being

Plenty: I am giving away a FREE inspirational eBook Praise!  Lessons in Faith for Tough Times.  All you have to do is email me at  Thursday is the FREE Purpose, Peace, & Prosperity gathering for Indelible Impact.  I have an abundant mind set although I don’t have millions stacked in the bank to provide temporary shelter for homeless, to take young adults with disabilities on fancy A list outings, to offer the BELIEVE play, around the world, to spoil my sons with stuff they can live without, and to fly off to Paris to shop!  Those are the things on my wish list:).

But my abundant mindset has me asking for engagements to SHOUT (Shine, Have Hope, Overcome, Use Your Power & Take Charge).  Email me at  or if your organization or group needs a speaker to get folks fired up to realize their dreams; completing sponsorship packages for the non-profit with fortune 500 corporations so that we can serve the least among us. Your company may have received one.

I’m also using my creativity for the cause.  I’ve created several projects and a few are under consideration.  Believe will be back in the new year.

Please also visit the program’s page to learn more about our programs.   I hope you’re implementing your Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity plan and moving forward with life.   My prayer for you for the holidays is that you’ll:

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication

with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Philippians 4:6 (NASB)

Warm Holiday regards,

Meme & RK, my social Media Partner

Meme Kelly is the founder of the Indelible Impact program

sponsored by Sisters Supporting Sisters, a 501 (c) (3).

RK, is her 28 year ole Autistic Son.